Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mix Messages

On Sunday it was Hemi’s birthday and he invited me to come with him. He said the location was gonna be secret so it can be a surprise. Next he rang me to meet him at the park and bring some money. Although he forgot to tell me when to meet up, I just went early to the park.

When I was there I started to get worried that he wasn’t coming. Finally he arrived and we walked to this place in Panmure. I keep asking him “Where are we going Hemi?”. He still kept it a secret.

After that we were there and I saw a pin on the roof. I started to get an idea of what we're gonna be doing. We entered the secret location and Hemi pulled out 100 dollars then he asked me if I brought my 100 dollars. Then I yelled “100 dollars!!!” - “You said bring some money not a pocket of money”.

Finally I had no choice but to walk home crying until I can reach my bed.

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Danni Stone said...

Hi Levi, I really enjoyed this story, particularly as we saw how differently your readers responded to it!

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