Thursday, 26 May 2016

Netball Skills

Today we had our kiwi sports activities. We are learning netball skills. Our coach is Anne, she is from Auckland netball. First we lined up outside our class then walk to the courts where Anne was waiting.
She was talking about what we were doing today.

After that we had a warm up game called shadow follower. The game involves a parter and you have to touch your parter on the shoulder then your parter will move his arms around and you have to try and touch his hands while being 1.9 meters away. 

Next we were still in pairs then we found anther two pairs so we could play an intercept activity. The game is about you have to try pass the ball to your parter while the person beside your parter will try to intercept the ball.

While playing that game Anne blowed her whistle to come so she could explaine the next activity. We got our seven people and played a corner attack game game. It was about four people in there corner and two people in middle, one receiving and one intercepting and there is a caller out side calling a number.

Finally we played a game with two teams and each person had a number and Anne our coach called out a number and you have to into the middle to grab the ball and pass it to number one then number one has to pass it to the rest of the team. It was a cool game but we lost in the end.


Danni Stone said...

Hi Levi,

This is a great recount! You are doing really well in writing this year. Have you enjoyed learning these skills in netball?

Mrs Tofa said...

Great use of time words in your writing Fusi. Have a look at the past tense of the word blow.

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