Friday, 21 March 2014

Giant Weta Facts

1. The Giant Weta is so heavy that they literally can’t jump.

2. The Weta hasn't really changed their appearance over the last 100 million. years

3.The parents will die before their eggs begin to hatch.

4. The Giant Weta is often referred to as the “Dinosaur of the Insect World.

5.Although they may be giants of the insect world, the Giant Weta prefers to be a vegetarian feasting on leaves, roots and any other piece of vegetation.

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Evelyn said...

Hi Levi
Wow!A big Weta, What did you like about this photo? Did you find that learning about weta's can be interesting?
I really like the 4 facts that you have written down showing of the picture of the weta.From Evelyn

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