Thursday, 17 November 2016

New Zealand Earthquake

New Zealand Earthquake

What is your understanding about what an earthquake is?
My understanding about earthquakes is when the ground shakes and can cause tsunamis and damage to places and cities.
Why is this earthquake significant for New Zealand?
Cause it can affect people's life.
What civil services have been helping since the earthquake happened?
The emergence services has been helping people in need of food and shelter and preventing tsunami casualties.
How does this earthquake relate to you living in Auckland?
Some Parts in Auckland got affected by aftershock.
Are you able to find other news articles about the earthquake?
You can seem to find live feeds and information on news hub and other sites.

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Danni Stone said...

Hi Levi, well done for considering your thoughts on the earthquakes. You might be interested to learn more about the science behind earthquakes.

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