Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sleep Over at Friends

In the holidays I went to my cousin, Levi Rudolph’s, house to sleep over. I brought some clothes and my PlayStation 3. When I got there I woke Levi R up because he always sleeps in. Next I put my bag away and Levi R got up and had a shower.

After that we got on the computers and started playing online games such as and other gaming websites. We continued playing for many hours and it was around 5.30 so we decided to go on the field and we saw our friends playing a game of rugby. We went and ask if we can join the game and we all had fun until it got dark so Danny-Joe, Miami, Nga Nga, Levi F and Jayden all decided to walk back to their houses. Levi R and I also decided to walk back.

It was around 7.45 and Levi's Mum, Robyn said dinner's ready and we all went to the kitchen
to get our dinner. We had butter chicken and it was yummy. After we had dinner, we hopped back on to the computers and I was using social media and Levi R was reading comic books.

Finally it was getting late so we decided to watch a movie on the PlayStation. We watched Kung Fu Panda 3 and it was funny. It was a really funny and an interesting movie filled with laughter and drama. The movie finished and we started talking and finally fell asleep.

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Danni Stone said...

That sounds like a really nice holiday Levi. I like how you have written this so it is easy for your reader to understand!

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