Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ripper Rugby

On Thursday 31st of March, Our class had an experience playing ripper rugby. Our coach was Matt, he is from Varsity rugby club. First we had a warm up game called Ripper Rush. We put on our belts and tags to get ready for a warm up game. The game is played by one person as a tagger and he calls out a colour or something that describes what your wearing and you have to try go past the tagger to move on.

After that, Matt got us to focus on our passing and taught us some important tactics to help us improve on our passing skills. We were passing in a  cycle for 10 minutes. After that we had a game of three on five. There were three people on one side and five on the other side. The team with three people were the defenders and the team with five people were trying to score a point. We cycled for 10 minutes then we had a  game of Ripper Rugby.

It was a intense battle between the yellow and white team. We had an awesome time playing ripper Rugby and we thank the coach for teaching us Ripper Rugby skills.

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Danni Stone said...

Hi Levi,
You have explained this session so clearly, I could really understand what was happening as a reader. Are you looking forward to the next game?

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