Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Story Review

Story Review

First the story is about a boy called Tom. He was a very bad boy. He would never listen to his Mother. One day his Mother asked Tom to be a good boy he didn't want to so his Mother said to Tom the Bogeyman is gonna come after you.

Next Tom was playing out side their house. His Mother ask him to come in side. He didn't want to. Then the Bogeyman grab him and put him in a sack and tied it up with a piece of rope. When he was at the Bogeyman cave he woke up.

After that tom look around. He could see human bones on the floor. He had never seen a Bogeyman before and never new they ate humans. He finally saw a Bogeyman. It was  green and very agley. They smelled rotten. The Bogeyman said I'm going to eat you. Tom said why are you going to eat me. The Bogeyman man said I only eat bad boys. Tom said do you like chocolate pudding. the Bogeyman said I love it, but we never get iny. Tom said I can get you some. The Bogeyman said if you get me some i’ll let you go.

Finally, Tom ran as fast as he could. He was at his house. He had to sneak out the chocolate pudding from the fringe. He quickly got the pudding and ran to the Boogeyman's cave. Here you go Bogeyman. The Bogeyman loved the pudding and promise to leave Tom only. Tom was
never going to be a bad boy again.

By Levi G

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