Monday, 14 August 2017

prime minster for a day

What would do if i was prime minister for a day?
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If i was Prime Minister for a day i would make changes to the housing in New Zealand so there would be no homeless people and make sure everybody has a fair change do get a house and i would cut the the tax's so hard working people will get more money from there job. 

I would make sure to help fund schools in need of repairs or school equipment such as PE gears,Chrome books,Chairs,Tables,Books and working alarms encase of an emergence.For the the young adults i would make sure there are opportunities do be able to get a job and make enough money.

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Another thing i would do is raise the cost of tobacco in New Zealand so because of the rate of death cause by smoking tobacco. One last i would as prime minister is add funds into the prisons so inmates have some were to sleep and to educate inmates so when there released they wont be back to doing crime and they could be looking foreword for a job from the government such as working in the salvation army or as a community helper.

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